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Cleaner Guru App Reviews Complaints – Detailed Solutions

Cleaner Guru App Reviews Complaints - Detailed Solutions

Cleaner Guru is a widely used app aimed at optimizing the performance of your devices by cleaning out junk files, managing apps, and enhancing speed. However, despite its numerous features, many users report issues with the app that prompt them to seek solutions or alternatives. This article delves into common Cleaner Guru app reviews complaints and provides a step-by-step guide to address them.


Common Scenarios:

Unexpected Crashes 😵

  • Unexpected crashes are one of the most frequent issues reported.
  • This scenario disrupts user experience and often occurs during cleaning or optimizing tasks.
  • Users report losing progress and data due to these sudden crashes.

Advertisements Overload 📢

  • One of the top complaints is about the overwhelming amount of advertisements.
  • Frequent ads often interrupt cleaning sessions, leading to frustration.
  • Many users feel the ads are intrusive and degrade overall app usability.

Slow Performance 🐢

  • Paradoxically, some users complain of slow performance of Cleaner Guru.
  • The app, designed to enhance speed, sometimes takes a long time to complete tasks.
  • This slow performance counters the app’s primary purpose, making users skeptical.

Step-by-Step Guide. Cleaner Guru App Reviews Complaints:

Method 1: Reinstall the App 🔄

  • Go to your device’s settings and find Cleaner Guru in the app list.
  • Tap on it, then select Uninstall to remove the app from your device.
  • Go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for Cleaner Guru.
  • Reinstall it and check if the issues persist.
  • If the app continues to malfunction, contact their support team for further assistance.

Note: Reinstalling often fixes minor software bugs by restoring default settings.

Conclusion: This method is simple and effective for eliminating many common issues.

Method 2: Clear Cache and Data 🗑

  • Navigate to your device’s settings and locate the Cleaner Guru app.
  • Go to the Storage section and tap on Clear Cache to remove temporary files.
  • If the problem persists, select Clear Data to delete all app data (Note: you might lose settings and preferences).
  • Restart the app and observe if the performance improves.
  • If needed, refer to the Google Support for detailed guidance on clearing caches.

Note: Clearing cache and data can help resolve issues related to stored corrupted files.

Conclusion: This method is particularly effective for resolving crashes and slow performance.

Method 3: Disable Ads with In-App Purchases 💸

  • Open Cleaner Guru and navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Look for the option to remove advertisements via in-app purchases.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the payment process and enjoy an ad-free experience.
  • If ads persist, restart the app and check for updates or contact Cleaner Guru Support.
  • Verify if your purchase was successful in your app store purchase history.

Note: Removing ads may incur a cost but significantly enhances the user experience.

Conclusion: This option provides a smoother, uninterrupted experience by eliminating excessive ads.

Method 4: Update the App 🔄

  • Go to your device’s app store and search for Cleaner Guru.
  • Check if an update is available and tap on Update to install the latest version.
  • Regular updates often include fixes for common bugs and performance improvements.
  • After updating, restart your device to apply changes effectively.
  • If you experience update issues, refer to the Google Play Help Center.

Note: Keeping apps up to date can prevent most performance and compatibility issues.

Conclusion: Updating your app ensures you benefit from the latest enhancements and bug fixes.

Method 5: Check for Device Compatibility 📱

  • Ensure your device meets the system requirements for running Cleaner Guru.
  • Older devices may struggle with performance issues, leading to a subpar user experience.
  • Consult the app’s page on the app store for specific compatibility information.
  • Try running Cleaner Guru on a more recent device if compatibility issues are suspected.
  • If unsure, contact the app developer for detailed device requirements or consult the Apple Support.

Note: Compatibility checks help identify if hardware limitations are causing performance issues.

Conclusion: Ensuring your device is compatible can mitigate significant operational problems.

Method 6: Optimize App Settings 🔧

  • Open Cleaner Guru and access the Settings menu.
  • Lower the cleaning frequency and disable unnecessary features to enhance performance.
  • Adjust the notification settings to reduce interruptions from the app.
  • If available, enable a light mode to conserve device resources.
  • Review the help section or forums for further optimization tips directly from experienced users and developers.

Note: Tweaking settings according to your device’s capabilities can vastly improve the app’s performance.

Conclusion: Optimizing settings is a proactive approach to achieving better performance from Cleaner Guru.


Precautions and Tips:

Ensure Optimal Performance 🌟

  • Regularly update all your device’s apps to avoid conflicts and bugs.
  • Consider resetting app preferences if you continue facing issues with Cleaner Guru.
  • Use a blend of methods listed above for comprehensive troubleshooting.
  • Avoid running multiple optimization apps simultaneously to prevent system overload.
  • Refer to user forums and reviews for additional tips on enhancing app performance.

Added Advice

In addition to the methods listed above, there are various other strategies you can implement to address common Cleaner Guru app issues. Ensuring your device is free of malware can sometimes resolve persistent problems. For more information on device security, refer to Avast.

Another crucial aspect is ensuring that your software and operating system are always up-to-date. For official guidance, visit Microsoft Support for Windows or Apple Support for MacOS.

Additionally, maintaining a clean and organized digital workspace can prevent many issues. Ensure that you regularly delete unnecessary files and clear out old downloads. For more in-depth cleaning methods, refer to this HowToGeek article on Google Chrome. Another option to consider is switching to alternatives for digital wellness and performance improvement, such as CleanMyMac for Mac users or CCleaner for Windows users.


Addressing Cleaner Guru app reviews complaints requires a systematic approach involving routine updates, compatibility checks, and occasionally, spending a little to remove ads. For a detailed analysis, you can visit cleaner guru app reviews complaints, providing thorough insights. Regular maintenance of your device and optimizing app settings can significantly enhance app performance. If all else fails, consider alternative apps renowned for their efficiency and user satisfaction.

For those curious about Cleaner Guru, Medium has a wealth of reviews. Personally, I found it quite effective in managing storage. It’s not free, but the app’s cost is offset by its benefits.


Try clearing your app’s cache and data from your device’s settings. If the problem persists, uninstall and reinstall the app.

These permissions allow the app to access various features that enhance functionality. Always review and modify permissions in your device settings.

Close background apps to free up resources, then restart your device. Regularly updating the app can also help fix performance issues.

Ensure a stable internet connection and check if your app version is up-to-date. Logging out and back in can sometimes resolve syncing problems.

Advertisements fund the free version of the app. Consider upgrading to a premium version to enjoy an ad-free experience.

Contact customer support through the app or visit the official website support section. Ensure you have transaction details handy.

This could be due to insufficient storage space or connectivity issues. Verify your device meets the app's system requirements and has enough space.

Check for any app updates that may have improvements or bug fixes. Providing feedback through the app can help developers make necessary tweaks.

Ensure notifications are enabled in both the app and device settings. Resetting app preferences might also resolve this issue.

Most apps have a built-in feedback option. Alternatively, visit the developer's official homepage to report bugs and issues directly.