If your hard drive isn’t working as it should, your Windows PC may experience some performance issues. The most common problems involve bad sectors and errors on the partition.

The only way to scan for these issues is to use a partition wizard designed to detect the problems. Although speed scanning can indicate symptoms, it won’t locate the actual issues to fix.

When you have the best partition recovery tools for Windows to use, this issue becomes resolvable. It might even bring your computer back to life!

How Do Partitions Get Lost?

Partitions can disappear for several reasons. It often occurs because of accidental deletion, allowing the hard drive to overwrite that section. This process often destroys the data you need.

If that section remains unused, the best partition recovery tools take a read-only approach to finding files. This structure prevents the software from overwriting the area to ensure your information remains intact. 

Partition problems can also develop because of ransomware, virus problems, data corruption, and sudden power outages.

List of the Top Partition Recovery Providers for Windows

If you suspect that your desktop, laptop, or external drive has a partition problem, these software solutions offer a potential recovery. Each has specific benefits and concerns to consider from your perspective.

1. Disk Drill Partition Recovery for Windows

Disk Drill partition recovery

Disk Drill for Windows BenefitsDisk Drill for Windows Concerns
  • A modern interface makes this software easy to use for almost everyone.
  • It supports all standard Windows file systems.
  • You can preview the lost files found from the missing partitions.
  • One-click recovery processes are available in many situations.
  • RAW recovery capabilities can undelete partitions without file systems.
  • The free version of the Windows software provides only 500 MB of recovery.
  • It doesn’t offer a portable version, which means a secondary drive might be necessary.
  • The scanning feature offers an average speed rating.
  • Some features require an extra step that some users might miss.

The current version of Disk Drill for Windows works best on Windows 7 operating systems or above. If you’re using a legacy option, the older versions of this software might offer the compatibility you require. 

This partition recovery software is currently available through this link: https://www.cleverfiles.com/data-recovery-software.html.

2. Partition Find and Mount

Partition Find and Mount

Partition Find and Mount BenefitsPartition Find and Mount Concerns
  • It provides an option to create and mount images after recovery.
  • The user interface is helpful for the average person.
  • It provides a free unlimited option for personal use, offering unrestricted access to your data.
  • The software offers support for non-standard layouts.
  • If the hard drive has any physical damage, this software solution might not work.
  • If the file system is damaged beyond recovery, it may not recognize partition problems.
  • You must know how to mount found partitions to the system as a read-only volume. 
  • The downloading page doesn’t offer HTTPS support.

If you’re interested in using Partition Find and Mount, you can start the review process through this URL: http://findandmount.com/download/.

This product is one of the few options in the partition recovery sector that provides a legitimately unrestricted free product. It locates and mounts partitions in the system without any need for special technical knowledge. 

It works with most Windows operating systems. You’ll receive support for all FAT and NTFS versions.

3. DiskInternals Partition Recovery

DiskInternals Partition Recovery

DiskInternals Partition Recovery BenefitsDiskInternals Partition Recovery Concerns
  • It works on multiple storage media options.
  • You can access three different scanning modes with wizard support.
  • The RAW partition recovery provides additional assistance for some uses.
  • You can create disk images with this tool. 
  • The trial version of this software offers limited features.
  • You’ll need to manage a significant setup file to get started.
  • It takes a major time investment to recover large data quantities.

Once you become a registered customer with DiskInternals Partition Recovery™, you receive unrestricted access to the software’s benefits. That includes 12 months of free updates, disk restoration after a crash, and a preview of recoverable files.

The personal version of this partition recovery software is $139.95. It’s available for immediate review from this link: https://www.diskinternals.com/order/partition_recovery/.

You can upgrade to the Business version to get Virtual Disk exporting and commercial use for $219.95.

It currently works with Microsoft Windows 7 and later. If you’re using an older operating system, you may find it to be buggy or non-functional.

4. Active Partition Recovery

Active Partition Recovery

Active Partition Recovery BenefitsActive Partition Recovery Concerns
  • Restore your lost partition to a working state in minutes.
  • Two scan modes are available to detect damaged or reformatted partitions.
  • Severe damage is potentially fixed with the software’s Last Chance feature.
  • It can fix damaged GPTs and MBRs.
  • You must pay for the upgraded version to maximize your outcomes.
  • It offers limited help when you have overwritten or damaged partitions.
  • It doesn’t change the system volume size or resize locked volumes.

The standard license for Windows applications is currently $39.95 for personal use. If you need a corporate download, you’ll pay an extra $10. Professional and Ultimate tiers are also available for $49.99 and $69.99 (personal) or $59.99 and $89.99 (corporate), respectively.

You can select an unlimited license with the Ultimate tier as well. This option provides file recovery, a WinPE boot disk, and a Linux-based CD to help you repair an unbootable PC. That cost is $995.

You’ll need to have at least Windows 7 installed on your computer to take advantage of the benefits this software offers. Additional information is found here: https://www.partition-recovery.com/index.html#pricing-table.

5. Acronis Recovery Expert Wizard

Acronis Recovery Expert Wizard

Acronis Recovery BenefitsAcronis Recovery Concerns
  • It offers an automatic partition recovery option.
  • Read-only support prevents accidental overwriting.
  • Deleted partitions on basic disks are found in seconds.
  • A manual recovery mode provides more control.
  • Recovery failures frequently happen with the current release.
  • Anything above 2TB often encounters a read-error problem.
  • Mechanical failures make this solution almost unusable.
  • Disk cloning is only available for basic MBR with the home version.

Acronis Recovery Expert requires 256 MB of dedicated memory to function correctly. If you must move files, you’ll need enough space to handle that data storage requirement.

The current price for this product is $49.99 for the home product for a single PC. You can buy three licenses for $79.99 as a one-time purchase.

This software works with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. You can discover more about this product through the following link: https://www.acronis.com/en-us/products/disk-director/.

6. Stellar Partition Recovery

Stellar Partition Recovery

Stellar Partition Recovery BenefitsStellar Partition Recovery Concerns
  • You can scan for all partitions, including inaccessible ones.
  • It offers an option to create an image file.
  • Recovery happens from HDDs, SD cards, USB drives, and optical drives.
  • The graphic interface creates excellent workflows. 
  • It takes time to get to know this software’s user interface.
  • The cost of this product could be detrimental to some households.
  • It requires an Intel Pentium processor to operate.
  • Technical support is only available for five days per week.

Stellar Partition Recovery offers unlimited services with instant delivery by email. The professional plan starts at $79.99 for an annual license, while the Premium tier is currently priced at $99.99.

If you need a corporate license for your partition recovery needs, the Technician tier from Stellar Partition Recovery is currently $199.

You must purchase the Premium tier to repair distorted or corrupted photographs and videos.

The software is currently compatible with PCs using Windows 7 operating systems or later. You can download this product by review the information found here: https://www.stellarinfo.com/disk-recovery.php.

More Resources for Windows Partition Recovery Needs

Partition recovery can seem like a daunting task at first. If you’ve never encountered this issue before, it might be tempting to send the computer or laptop to the nearest repair center.

If you take that step, the technicians will likely use the same tools in this guide that you could download and implement at home!

Why pay someone for a one-time fix when you can often purchase a lifetime license for these tools?

Here are some additional pages and posts to review if you need some help with your partition and data recovery research.

The Bottom Line for Partition Recovery

Recovering information by fixing a partition issue is a relatively straightforward process. When you have tools like these to help, you’ll fix issues that are months or years old in only a few minutes.

If you’re unsure of how to proceed, please consider using the helpful wizards included in many of these downloads. You’ll receive step-by-step help to correct your issue.

Which partition recovery for Windows solution did you find to be the most helpful?