New computers only come with one partition. When you get the device up and running, segmenting the local HDD or SSD into different sections reduces the risk of catastrophic information loss.

Mac partitioning lets you store files into different segments. Although you might delete all of that section, you won’t lose the rest of the drive.

When you have the best partition recovery on Mac to help recover missing files, even accidental deletions, overrides, or corruption won’t stand in your way.

Top Partition Recovery Downloads for Mac

Partition recovery is a little different than a standard file rescuing effort. Not only does your drive potentially need to return to its previous state, but it must also find the missing information you want to recover.

These software tools provide you with the necessary resources to deliver high-quality results without making your savings account protest.

1. Top Pick: Disk Drill for Mac

Top Pick: Disk Drill for Mac

What stands out about Disk Drill is that its list of file types is comprehensive. Not only does it offer partition recovery, but you’ll also receive over 400 different compatibility points when using this download. That makes it one of the most versatile options for Mac available today.

Pros of Using Disk DrillCons of Using Disk Drill
  • Several innovative options are available to maximize data recovery.
  • The software uses a universal partition search for HFS+, NTFS, and FAT volumes.
  • It treats your Mac disk as a binary entity to look for partition headers.
  • Users receive three data recovery models made for HFS+ partitions.
  • Knowing how to rescue or remount partitions takes some technical knowledge.
  • Although it doesn’t offer comprehensive information about what to expect after taking action, the UI provides easy navigation.
  • No phone-based troubleshooting help is available.

Disk Drill stands out because it works for the average person. Although most people who use computers can locate files or start apps, understanding those clicks’ technical work isn’t always a priority.

Instead of forcing someone into a steep learning curve to rescue their files, this tool makes the process as simple and easy to follow as possible. Although partition restoration and recovery are a little more complicated than saving a lost file, it won’t take long for most people to get up to speed.

When you have a partition recovery to complete, the dropdown menu from Disk Drill makes it as easy as it could be. You can find the universal partition search or start a scan for a lost HFS partition with one click.

If your Mac doesn’t start because of a partition problem, you can access the Bootable Recovery tool to prevent data from getting overwritten.

Most people will find that the $89 PRO plan meets their needs well for Mac partition recovery. You’ll find more information here:

You must be running Mac OS X 10.11.6 or later to use Disk Drill 4. Previous editions can run between 10.5 and 10.11.5.

2. CrashPlan


This cloud-based recovery tool provides a simple, no-frills approach to partition recovery. It allows you to undelete information quickly by restoring it from a backup. It applies to virtually all loss situations that users might encounter.

Pros of Using CrashPlanCons of Using Plan
  • You always know where your files are because you’re in control of their destination.
  • Users can restore their files even if they get damaged. 
  • You can recover from situations where traditional partition recovery systems might fail. 
  • It restores by replacing a corrupted file with a previous version.
  • If you don’t have Internet access, you might not get the files right away.

CrashPlan works well when other software tools don’t find your lost files or restore partitions. Where it struggles is what happens after someone keeps using their Mac without a data connection.

If you want to use this tool effectively, you must stop using your computer or laptop if you lose your ISP connection. Should the drive or file get overwritten while access to the cloud is down, you’ve got virtually no chance to restore your data using this tool. 

When you resize or lose a partition accidentally, that’s where this tool shines. It provides a fast, almost effortless restoration because you replace the problematic one with the previous iteration.

Pricing is $10 per month, per computer. It works with all Mac systems, and it includes cross-platform support with Windows. 

More information about CrashPlan ( is available through the link.

3. TestDisk


This Mac partition recovery solution provides a useful freeware tool that can help you find your lost information. It can even help you create a bootable disk for your Mac when your current one doesn’t work.

Pros of Using TestDiskCons of Using TestDisk
  • It can recover NTFS boot sectors from their respective backups.
  • Several file types are recoverable, including exFAT, ext2, and NTFS.
  • Users can copy files from deleted partitions.
  • It uses a command prompt interface that some users may not understand.
  • The product is open-source, so it relies on others for ongoing development.

If you grew up as a 1980s kid, the Terminal on your Mac is quite similar to the old MS/DOS prompt. You’ll find the functionality works well once you understand the command structure.

Your instructions are right there on the screen to follow, but it isn’t in a GUI – which is what holds this tool back from being even better.

The entire partition restoration process is straightforward once you figure out how to use the tool. It helps to plan for an afternoon of playing with the software to get things going.

It’s compatible with macOS X Intel, systems before macOS 10.14, and 64-bit installations. You can review this solution at the publisher’s website:

4. Cisdem Data Recovery 3

Cisdem Data Recovery 3

This software tool stands out for Mac partition recovery because of its overall versatility. It’s one of the few options that work on the oldest operating systems from the past 15 years. 

Pros of Using Cisdem Data Recovery 3Cons of Using Cisdem Data Recovery 3
  • It works with portable devices, including digital cameras, memory cards, and pen drives.
  • You can retrieve information from any disk format.
  • A helpful preview option lets users verify files before restoring them. 
  • Multiple payment methods are available to purchase your download. 
  • The scanning process is well below average when measured by speed. 
  • You must select the correct software “mode” to achieve partition recovery successfully.
  • It only recognizes about 200 file types.

What stands out with this partition recovery tool for Mac is its read-only approach. You won’t need to worry about overwriting the original data or damaging files when using the software.

It also comes with a free trial before purchase. You can try the entire functionality to see if it works for you OR take advantage of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

It’s one of the few products that offer a free lifetime update. You also get ongoing tech support with your purchase.

Pricing for a lifetime license starts at $49.99 for individual users. If you need multiple Macs protected for partition recovery, you’ll receive discounts on the additional permissions. When you need more than five licenses, you must contact the company directly.

Cisdem Data Recovery 6 for Mac ( works with OS X 10.11 or later. 

5. MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

Although this software tool doesn’t support all Mac OS versions, it does a reasonably good job of getting you the partition recovery tools you need. You’ll find the data preview feature to be one of its best elements.

Pros of Using MiniTool Mac Data RecoveryCons of Using MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
  • It covers a broad range of file types to recover what most people would lose with a partition problem.
  • The UI is excellent with this product. 
  • Users can quickly sort out the items they need from irrelevant data.
  • You must select individual items for recovery throughout the UI.
  • It uses a partnership for Mac products instead of creating a proprietary tool for partition help.
  • If you have corrupt videos or photos to restore, the Premium plan can cost as much as $219.

When you’re talking about MiniTool Mac data recovery and partition assistance, you’re looking at the pros and cons of using Stellar products.

MiniTool doesn’t offer a proprietary Mac download, despite what other reviews and the company might say.

Although it comes with a free trial, its use is limited. You’ll also need macOS 10.7 or above to work on your partitions.

MiniTool ( is also one of the most expensive that you’ll find in the industry today.

More Partition Recovery for Mac Resources to Use

These software tools provide a straightforward user experience, which is why they stand out in the marketplace right now.

When you need more information about how to finish a partition recovery successfully, these additional resources can help you discover what you need to know.

The Bottom Line

The best tools for partition recovery on Mac systems provide you with a straightforward way to access your information once again. Although Disk Drill products tend to dominate as the industry’s top pick, each set of pros and cons deserves personal consideration. 

Choose your preferred option from this list, invest in the download, and experience the joy of finding your lost information!